Ramble On: PURE ZEPPELIN Recreates the Magic of the World’s Greatest Rock Band

While Covering Their Best-Loved Music in Stunning Detail
The Four Members of Ramble On Accurately Represent Their Counter Parts in EVERY Aspect
They DO NOT Wear Wigs - Use backing tracks - OR Have Extra Musicians
All the music is done live, and bring the fans PURE ZEPPELIN

Members of RAMBLE ON: PURE ZEPPLIN have Played in Front of Crowds as Large as 12,000 in Attendance.
RAMBLE ON is Available to Tour Any Where in The US and Abroad

- Members Bio's -

ROBERT PLANT - Michael Anderson
“He comes from the land of the ice and snow” from upstate NY and Manhattan below.
His uncanny ability to deliver PURE ZEPPELIN made him a natural fit to drink to our health a thousand times
and finally RAMBLE ON. An accomplished singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist.
Whether Michael needs to reach the highest notes in songs like "The Immigrant Song" or "Since I've Been Loving You"
he can also bring out the mellow Plant tones on songs like "Thankyou" and "Tangerine"
Touring all over the U.S. Michael opened for such acts like Kiss, Cinderella, Poison, and Kix. He was managed and recorded by Electric Lady Studios.
After a warm invitation to join Ramble ON, he is now committed to give the people the closest moving experience to the most
coveted rock band the world has ever know.

JIMMY PAGE - Keith Reynaldo
Keith grew up in Southern California, picking up his first guitar at the age of twelve, which he handcrafted himself.
Influenced by The Beatles, BB King and Eddie Van Halen, his style is completely original, but his love for all things Page, is clearly evident.
By age 17, Keith was playing almost every club on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood California.
In the early 90's, Keith spent time in Nashville doing both studio recording and live performance with
Chris Eddy (Duane Eddy's son) and Jennifer Jennings (Waylon Jennings' Daughter)
Then in the late 90's, Keith played with Billy Idol and also toured Eastern Europe, Russia,
Western Europe and the US as Billy Idol's guitar/ bass tech in 2006.
Now playing the role as Jimmy Page in RAMBLE ON, fans are blown away with Keith's symmetry to Page in all facets.
Keith's amazing ability to procure the exact sound and feel that emanated from Page is an innate ability that comes deep from within.
On songs like "The Rain Song", "Ten Years Gone", and "Bron Y Aur" Keith instinctively captures the signature, fluid riffs of Page.
While also effortlessly bending and sliding over the fret board on more aggressive, demanding Zep songs.
Incredibly enough Keith's fingers can also remain docile on the acoustic songs as well.
Close your eyes, or keep them open and watch, you really will think you are watching and listening to the mighty man himself.

Touring in several Zeppelin Tributes over the past decade, as John Paul Jones, Cary has an instinctive ability to emulate John Paul Jones in EVERY aspect.
On Keyboards, Bass, Bass Pedals, & Mandolin. Cary recreates the sonic textures, and his technical ability on keyboard songs like “No Quarter”
” Stairway To Heaven” “Custard Pie” “Fool In The Rain” sound exactly like the album, and have the feel of a live show.
Trampling under his keyboards are his FEET! Cary plays the BASS PEDALS on all keyboard songs. Other bands utilize a separate Keyboardist
and Bassist, Cary reproduces the songs exactly how John Paul Jones did! On Bass, Cary reproduces the signature bass lines, and tone of John Paul Jones.
Whether it’s the smooth, melodic bass lines on songs like “Ramble On” , “What Is And What Should Never Be” ,
“The Ocean” or showing his technical ability on the more challenging songs like “The Immigrant Song”,
“The Lemon Song” Cary keeps the songs remaining the same while leaving the audience “Dazed And Confused” On Mandolin,
Cary pays close attention to detail on the intricate, melodic mandolin passages on songs like "Going To California" and "That's The Way" with note for note accuracy.
Cary blends the studio and live versions of all Led Zeppelin songs, so that Zep fans from the average to hardcore,
walk away with a stunning performance ingrained in their heads. Cary brings out a true,
authentic representation of John Paul Jones that must be seen and heard.

John Henry Bonham - Gary "Masher" Renshaw
Has been playing the drums since he was 8 years old . Gary grew up in a little town in Maryland called Mayo
running the streets and raising hell. After high school, Gary moved to Florida where he met and toured
with Dave Hlubeck, the original lead guitarist from the band Molly Hatchet.
Dave and Gary enlisted the talents of Mike Estes (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Garry Nutt (Tangier & Cinderalla) and formed the Southern Rock Stars.
Years later Gary formed the rock band Tribal Tongue and recorded our debut cd at Rickey Medlocke's (Lynyrd Skynyrd/Blackfoot) studio in Fort Myers Beach Florida.
Through the years TT has toured with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, The Outlaws and the Black Crowes to name a few.
Gary hammers out all the infamous Bonham beats and fills. It has been rumored
that Gary hit's the drums has hard as Bonzo himself.
Gary’s John Bonham is more than authentic; it’s instinctive!

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