Take four musicians who look and dig deep into themselves when it comes to songwriting and performing.
Kinlin hits the stage with intensity that cannot be denied. Playing every song like it’s their last,
they pummel the crowd until they "GET IT." Yeah, they do wear their influences proudly on the Kinlin sleeve.
Take everything from Soundgarden, Pantera, Disturbed toss in a little Alice In Chains,
Avenge Sevenfold and of course don’t forget Zeppelin! Throw it all together,
put the fire on high and let the boys stamp it with the unique signature that says “Kinlin” all over it.
Now you have a force that cannot be ignored.
That’s probably why they’ve shared the big stage with everyone from Godsmack to Three Days Grace.

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Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and getting ready to release their third album,
Kinlin has played shows all over the US and is willing to tour abroad.
Kinlin does their own recordings, production and sound engineering.

For Booking Information Call
(954) 326-0540

** Tours and Shows: **

Mudvayne, Saliva, Godsmack, BuckCherry, Puddle of Mudd, Dokken ,
Winger, Apocalyptica, Stryper, Army of Anyone, Bullet For My Valentine,
LA Guns, Chevelle, Three Days Grace

** Band Members **
DeWayne Hart – Vocals, Guitars
Tom Lynch – Guitars
Chris Eversoul – Bass
Patrick Johansson - Drums

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