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Members Bio's

Ralph Perrotto aka RIP (Drums)
At an early age, when I heard the British invasion and American icons of rock, I took the lawn mower out in the neighborhood,
mowed lawns and bought my first set of drums. My parents were against the devil's music , but I persisted to the point starting
a band called " A Moment in Time. We played at the sock hops @ Hialeah Roller Rink. That led to Silver Songs, and growing up
in Miami in the 70's, playing Agora Ballroom, Hunky's ,J & S Lounge, Southern Fox,then I moved to Hollywood, and formed
"Jokers Wild" and worked for 3 years .After a steady stream of musicians started coming over I built Mission Studio, in my house
in 1995, where we rehearsed all the great Classic rock songs.Played with "Velvet and Nails", "Believers", new "Jokers Wild",
and started recording at first to make demos for club owners. Today I have made a dozen great recordings with the help of
Joe Perrotto, Elect. Eng. and recording Eng., in Mission Studio. In 2009 I started another group "East End Rose" and another
"Dysfunctional Folks" which I am working in now around South Fla. There are too many influences to list all of them great.

William Lussier aka Willy! (Bass)
Influences : Jaco, Flee, Nikki
Bands: Trainwreck, Hollywood Rat's, Mind Mural

Danny Maitlen aka Danny (Lead Guitar)
Play's Guitar

Chris Dopey Sapin (Keys, Rhythm Guitar)

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